Monday, September 12, 2011

Sewing for Beginners

So for about the 500th time, I've decided to tackle the task of learning how to sew. Beyond a few basics I learned back in the day with my grandmother, I really don't know what to do! I've sewn a lot of extras onto clothes (ribbons, trims, etc) but I've never been able to follow a pattern and actually make a piece of clothing that was wearable. The closest I came one time was when I laid a dress on some material, traced around it, then cut two identical pieces of material out and sewed them together. Surprisingly, it didn't turn out that horrible! The dress looked ok, but the collar did not- I was forced to wear a jacket all the time to cover up the crooked neck. :)
Oh well... moving on.

I am notorious for getting super excited and buying everything I need to learn a new hobby. I try it... fail... try again... fail again... and then give up. My house is filled with the remnants of various crafts, drawing books, sewing materials, etc, etc, etc. Since this give-up attitude is ridiculous (and very immature for someone of 28 years of age), I decided to tackle sewing AGAIN. But this time, I've committed to follow through!

Guess what??? I'm actually doing it! I've made 4 skirts so far and am working on a shirt! What's more is I'm actually really enjoying it. Whats has brought about this amazing change? My new book Sew Step by Step by Alison Smith. It has over 200 essential techniques for beginners, from threading a needle to sewing ruffles. The reason I love this book is because it is has clear, color photographs to demonstrate every technique and tip. I'm really learning a lot and even though I'm not a professional yet, at least my clothes are not falling apart! :)

Pictures to follow soon! In the meantime, challenge yourself and learn a new hobby. If sewing and design is something you would love, check out the Sew Step by Step book by Alison Smith. I got mine for $16 at Barnes and Noble but it is also available here on Amazon for the great price of $10.


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