Monday, June 20, 2011

Favorite Buy of the Week: Mitchum Deoderant

If you're like me, you don't look like a lady in summer. After all, what lady goes around drenched in sweat? I'm sure Godey's Magazine would have informed us that "genteel ladies never perspire!"

Thankfully though, there must be others like me out there in the world. Otherwise there wouldn't be so many clinical strength deodorants on the market! Question is... which one do you use?

Just recently, I bought Mitchum for Women Smart Solid Clinical Performance. Quite the mouthful, huh? I could have saved them the trouble and told them what to really name their product... the Miracle-worker.

After just one try, I couldn't believe how great this deodorant worked for me! It has the exact percentage of the same active ingredient as Suave or Dove clinical strength deodorants. Bonus? The Mitchum deodorant costs a fraction of the price! At K-Mart, I bought Mitchum for $3 (as opposed to Suave and Dove which were all $8-10!)

I don't like "sticky" deodorants and Mitchum does have a slightly stick feel like a roll-on deodorant. However I apply Mitchum, wait a few seconds, then use Arrid XX spray deodorant. Arrid has a different active ingredient and somehow the combination of the two have truly worked a miracle for me! I use it on my underarms and also at my bra line (think I'm crazy? all you big-chested or chubby people will understand! lol).  It really has worked wonders- especially at my underwire line. Normally during the summer, I STAY hot and itchy where my bra rests on my ribcage but Mitchum has solved that problem for me!

There are a lot of people that scoff at supposed "Clinical Strength" deodorants. If you check many of the active ingredients in the regular and clinical strength, you might not see a big difference in percentage. However, the difference is enough to MAKE a difference with your sweating! Even if you try one and don't like it- don't get discouraged! Even regular strength deodorants work differently for different people- each brand has their own little "recipe". I'd recommend starting with Mitchum since it is the most affordable and start working from there if Mitchum isn't exactly what you need! I guarantee you will be shocked at the difference a clinical strength deodorant makes. And if none of them give you the result you desire, it's time to see the doctor! They can prescribe you something to help with the sweating or see if the sweating is being caused by something else than just the nearly intolerable heat of summer! :)

p.s. helpful hint: when using google to search for picture of "sweaty lady" to post on your blog, you might want to rearrange the wording a bit to "sweating, tired, exercise, lady". otherwise you might not get the kind of pics you planned on! LOL

Friday, June 17, 2011

Orange for Everyone!

I just love when you're ahead of the game! :) If you check out pages 99-100 in the June issue of In Style, you'll see that they are singing the praises of the color tangerine! Seeing this article called to mind a blog I posted LAST spring/summer about why orange is a great color for everyone. I thought I would repost it here, along with a few updates and more recent pics.

I used to hate all things orange (well exept the fruit that is). Under the "about me" section on facebook, somewhere after I proclaim my love for Caramel Lattes from Starbucks and tacky jewelry, I wrote that I hate the color orange. Not sure what it ever did to me except remind me of that horrible orange carpet people decorated their houses with back in the 70's. However, the fact remained that I hated orange- peach was okay. So was coral. But orange? Bleck! However, these vibrant, gorgeous shades of orange have changed my mind for this season's wardrobe musts. Besides being bright and summery, it is hands down one of the most universally flattering shades on any skin/hair color! If you don't believe me, try it out! If one shade of orange doesn't look quite right, try a few more until you find the perfect shade for your skin tone. You will be surprised (as I was!) The color works out to be a bit Indian, slightly tropical, very cheerful, somewhat retro, but yet very modern.

And if you don't believe me on the flattering aspect of the color, check out how great orange looks on the varied skin/hair tones of these gorgeous women!


Fergie Avon orange dress black nails maroon jacket perfume outspoken intense wavy hair                                                             

Convinced yet??? If you're ready to integrate orange into your closet, you'll soon be aware of what a versatile color it really is.  A good tip from In Style is that orange goes well with navy blue, gray, beige, and hot pink! Avoid too much black so you don't look like a leftover Halloween pumpkin!

OPI Shattered Polish

Ok, I admit it. I'm obsessed with Johnny Depp and anything that makes me even think of Johnny Depp! So how cool are the new OPI polishes inspired by Pirates of the Caribbean???


Wake up... think of Johnny Depp. Catch a glimpse of nails... think of Johnny Depp. Eat breakfast... think of Johnny Depp. Look at nails holding cereal spoon... think of Johnny Depp. Look across table and imagine Cpt. Jack Sparrow sitting there and...

I think you get the picture.

Perhaps I don't need anything else to make me think of Johnny since he is ever present in my daydreams, but for cool colors with super awesome pirate names (like Sparrow Me the Drama and Mermaid's Tears) I'm happy to oblige! Especially since Cpt. Sparrow is the most rocking character Johnny has ever played!


*Sigh* How I do love that eye-liner wearing, dreadlocked, scruffy, strange bearded, gold-toothed pirate...



Apart from the great new shimmery colors in this new line inspired by POTC, comes one of the most awesome things you could ever put on your nails.  A polish called "silver shatter." Once you apply polish to your nails and let it dry very well, just dip the brush in silver shatter and apply on your nail (without coating too much). Within seconds, the polish will start to dry, crackle, shatter and start looking like a weathered plank. As painful as that sounds, it really turns out quite nicely. :)


Some people give this product mixed reviews, but I think you just have to play around with it (like any new product) and find out how it works best on you. Also cool is the black shatter polish available through OPI, though the silver is a bit softer and prettier. It has a dull finish so just put a clear top coat on and you're ready to go! Below you can see the Pirate collection by OPI with and without the silver shatter polish.


There are other shatter/crackle polishes out there, so even if you don't want silver (or don't want to pay for an OPI nail color), branch out and experiment with some shatter polishes! I really think you will enjoy something different. But if you're a Johnny Depp fan like I am, I guarantee that you'll enjoy having Pirate themed polishes. :)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Style Icon: Audrey Hepburn

Audrey, Audrey, Audrey... the epitome of style. Remembered in the fashion world for her classic beauty and full-out glamorous style. When you think of Audrey, you think of the little black dress, pearls, diamonds, ball gowns and Givenchy.

Often overlooked though is the equally fashionable and adorable style she displayed in her casual wear. Want to get Audrey-inspired style but have nowhere to go in glamorous gowns? Try preppy plaids, high-waisted shorts, gingham capris, summer dresses and ballet flats.

Audrey's look is as fresh and modern today as it was years ago. Bonus? It's super easy to put together and won't cost a fortune... unlike the iconic black dress designed by Givenchy for Breakfast at Tiffany's which sold in 2006 for $923,000!



Clockwise from top Left: plaid shirt from H&M, white high-waisted shorts from Topshop, American Eagle wedge slides from Payless, woven belt from Aeropostale.

*Sorry for the very long delay in posting! I have been having a lot of health issues lately but look forward to now posting more regularly!