Saturday, July 3, 2010

Bargain Pieces

Hello everyone! (those of you who might actually be reading my little blog that is!) Sorry I haven't posted anything lately but I have been quite busy and things are just now starting to get settled back into a semi-normal routine. Hopefully I will have more time to post now.

Just a quick post for now...

My cousin Katie is down here in Mexico at the moment to visit me. She's 18 and has her own adorable sense of style. Both of us love clothes and both of us love a bargain! Yesterday, she wore this adorable outfit so I thought I would share it with you. The dress was $5 from Belks, the sweater is from the Gap and the adorable boots she has on were a gift from her wonderful (and fashion-inclined) parents! I picked the boots up for them on the Texas border and they are a fabulous quality brand that I happened to find for an amazing price! Here is how it came together...

We went out last night to meet some friends for dinner, and yet again we both wore bargain pieces. She with another cute sun dress for under $10 and layered necklaces and I wore a vintage dress. This dress is a French label from the 1960's that I found in Goodwill for $4! When I got it home and found the label online, the dresses in similar patterns and from that year go from $200-$350! Not bad considering I only put out $4 at Goodwill! :) Should have taken a picture head to toe, but I didn't! Here is a pic with part of the dress showing. It is a knee-length shift dress done in a sheer rayon-ish material. The neck ties at the top but I left it undone and opted for some long brown, leather and gold necklaces, brown belt and gold sandals. Total outfit was under $20! Here is the one picture we did manage to get last night but it's not the best- we had gotten drenched from the insanely heavy rain (thank you hurricane!). This was after dinner when the rains had stopped and we were only half-drenched. :)

I would love to see some of your own bargain pieces that you wear with pride! All posts welcome. :)

Happy Shopping!