Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Thank you, H&M!

As most of you are already in love with H&M, you will not be surprised to find their fall and winter line to be right on trend and extremely affordable! Here are just two examples from the latest fall/winter lines of 2 well-known designers. As you can see, H&M provides a completely affordable alternative to keep you in style!

First off we have the ever lovely Marc Jacobs! Standing in formation with the military trend, he has an olive green parka trimmed in coyote fur. Here's hoping not many coyotes will be sacrificed to fashion, as only a handful of people can actually afford the $598.00 coat! For those of us actually on a budget, we can go for this nearly identical, coyote-free parka from H&M for only $39.95. Hmmmmm... decisions, decisions. "I'll take the coat without the dead animal on the collar, thank you!"

Secondly, we have this look from the Dries Van Noten Fall/Winter 2010 Collection. As much as I searched, I couldn't actually find a price for this outfit. Know what that means??? It means only insanely wealthy people that don't have to worry about money can afford it. So for all you normal people, try a similar look from H&M. This sleeveless, trench style dress is only $39.95! Look in your closet for pieces you may already have to complete the look- a sleeveless shirt, straight leg trousers, and a pair of pumps. Finish with sunglasses and lots of attitude!

Who says looking good has to cost a fortune??? Happy Shopping!!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

STYLE SPOTTER - Jewel Toned Peacoats

I love facebook. I really do! Just now, I was sitting here on my computer, looking through pictures of the various people on my friends list (half of whom I don't even know). When all of a sudden... I saw IT!!! It was love at first sight! *sigh*

Right now you may be scratching your head and wondering what in the world I'm talking about, but have no fear! Most people can't ever follow my excited ramblings. Especially when it comes to 3 things that I passionately love: Johnny Depp, music, and clothes! So pay close attention and try to follow my insane string of chatter because I have officially fallen in love!

For those of you who know me, you know I love cold weather and winter coats! Is there anything as snuggly, warm and comforting as a thick, wool coat on a cold winter day??? I think not! Unless you also have a caramel latte in your hand as well. In the past, my wardrobe has always been well-stocked with coats and jackets. Despite my love of bold colors though, my practical side has always reigned supremed and dictated that I buy a winter coat in practical, versatile colors. Black, gray, navy, houndstooth... blah, blah, blah.

But hidden away in facebook picture land was a beautiful, orange peacoat with brown bottons. Chic and elegant, fun and funky. Thus started my newest obsession... jewel toned peacoats!

Who says winter coats have to be dark? Why can't they be bright and bold and add color to an otherwise colorless season? A solid, bold color can easily do as your newest neutral coat!

Here are a few examples of where to find the standard peacoat in this fresh new look. Go bold and stand out from the crowd with these rich colors! If you don't see a color you like below, make sure to click the link and check out the additional colors available.

CHEAP - St. John's Bay Cashmere Blend Peacoat in Fierce Blue, $89.99

CHEAPER - Old Navy Wool blend Peacoat in Golden Gate, $59.50

EVEN CHEAPER - Mossimo Supply Co. Peacoat in Purple, $39.99

CHEAPEST - French Terry Peacoat in Red, $18.00

Monday, September 20, 2010

Tim Gunn's 10 Essential Elements & Where to Find Them

For those of you addicted to fashion reality shows like I am, then perhaps you too are a fan of Tim Gunn's Guide to Style. Whether you are a fan of Time Gunn himself doesn't matter, he undoubtedly has a classic sense of style that can be applied to the closets of every woman in America! If you haven't seen the show, Tim takes fashion-challenged woman and helps get their style back with a wardrobe makeover. Whether remaking old clothes or buying new ones, Tim helps the women find the silhouettes that work for their body type and the clothes that work for their life. The wardrobes vary week to week, but one thing that never changes is Tim's list of 10 essential items that every woman should have in her closet. I'll include the list below AND I'll tell you where to find these pieces at the best price!!! Just click on the links below to view the pieces from the list.

In order for everyone to easily find these pieces, I used only the mainstream shopping chains and department stores. Every item is extremely well priced and well-suited for almost every body-type.

So.... drumroll please!!! Here is the list of Tim Gunn's 10 Essential Elements!

1.Basic Black Dress - To keep this dress versatile and flattering on any shape, find something knee-length (or slightly above the knee for petite woman) with a simple style.

Merona Sleeveless Dress - $20

2.Trench Coat - Any color or length is acceptable. Just shoot for a tailored fit that flatters your body type!

Merona Water Repellent Trench - $49.99

3.Dress Pants - Although it doesn't say black, this is probably what you want to look for. Black is flattering on all figures and extremely versatile. It doesn't have to be solid though- try a small pattern! Other neutral colors work well though- like gray, brown or navy.

Docker Metro Trouser Pant - $34.99

4.Classic Shirt - A classic, white blouse is a must-have for any closet! More important than color though, is the classic, tailored fit.

Worthington French-Cuff Blouse - $17.99

5.Jeans - Make sure to find the shape and fit that is right for your body. Most women look best in a medium-rise, straight leg jean in a darker wash.

Levi's Straight Leg - $44

6.Any Occasion Top - This is the top that looks great at work with a jacket or sweater but easily transitions into evening when worn alone. To stretch your budget and get more use out of the top, find something that will go with pants, skirts, AND jeans.

Apt 9 Ruffled Top - $21.99

7.Skirt - For business, pencil skirts can be great and versatile. However, the most flattering fit for the average woman tends to be a classic A-line shape.

Madison Embellished A-Line Skirt - $20.39

8.Day Dress - The casualization of America has nearly axed dresses from daytime use but maintain your femininity with a casual dress during the day. During cool weather, simply through on a great jacket to transition this dress from summer to fall!

Merona Faux Wrap Dress - $17.48

9.Jacket - Jackets should be fitted and well-tailored to your body. Not too tight, but not too loose. Shop around to find the best jacket for your body. When you find it, you will see that jackets are one of the most flattering pieces a woman can have in her wardrobe!

Sonoma Life + Style Corduroy Jacket - $24.99

10.Sweatsuit Alternative - Ban the sweats! Unless you're working out, exercise clothes are not acceptable attire for going out in public. Try a soft cargo pant with a comfy top.

Route 66 Layered Top - $14.99
Sonoma Life + Style Cargo Pants - $23.99

BONUS: One Indulgent Trendy Item - It can be any item you want and as trendy as you want it! Whether it's a gorgeous top, a fashion-forward skirt or just that military-inspired winter coat you desperately need, indulge in that great piece you want.

H&M Wool Coal - $79.95

So that's the list, ladies! When buying these pieces, you should look for decent quality. After all, these are staple pieces that will be an essential part of your wardrobe. That doesn't mean you have to spend a fortune though! Try some of the pieces I showed above or search for bargains at your local stores.

A great way to find good deals is with online shopping. Generally you find more items online and at cheaper prices than in the actual store. Plus, most places like Target, Walmart, Kohls and JCPenney allow you to return/exchange any items you purchased online to your local store! I recently bought a ton of stuff from Target and I returned everything that didn't fit right to my local Target store- hassle-free!

Happy Shopping!