Thursday, November 11, 2010

Just Fade Away!

Hello blogland! I have been having major computer problems lately!!! Thankfully though, everything is finally working again and I'm able to blog once more! (big sigh of relief from all 4 of my followers! lol)

On to fashion... one of my favorite looks for this fall and winter are outfits made up of shades of one color. Looking at a magazines last week, I saw a great outfit with different shades of gray from head to toe! Even though the whole outfit was gray, the variety of tones of the color made the outfits look so luxurious and rich!

Try this look out yourself! It is super easy to throw it together with basic pieces you have in your closet. When done in neutral colors like gray, black, and brown- this look is modern and sleek.

The only thing to watch out for? When doing an outfit with shades of black, make sure to use different materials (leather, cotton, silk, etc). If you use similar materials (like only cotton) in shades of black, the outfit can just come off looking faded and old. Whatever color you use though, differing materials are sure to create a nice visual interest and add to the luxe look!

If the solid color outfits are not for you, try "fading" into colors. For example, use blacks with grays, browns with olive greens, camel colors with beige, etc.

Here are a few outfits to show you the potentials of mixing shades this fall and winter! Enjoy!!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Thank you, H&M!

As most of you are already in love with H&M, you will not be surprised to find their fall and winter line to be right on trend and extremely affordable! Here are just two examples from the latest fall/winter lines of 2 well-known designers. As you can see, H&M provides a completely affordable alternative to keep you in style!

First off we have the ever lovely Marc Jacobs! Standing in formation with the military trend, he has an olive green parka trimmed in coyote fur. Here's hoping not many coyotes will be sacrificed to fashion, as only a handful of people can actually afford the $598.00 coat! For those of us actually on a budget, we can go for this nearly identical, coyote-free parka from H&M for only $39.95. Hmmmmm... decisions, decisions. "I'll take the coat without the dead animal on the collar, thank you!"

Secondly, we have this look from the Dries Van Noten Fall/Winter 2010 Collection. As much as I searched, I couldn't actually find a price for this outfit. Know what that means??? It means only insanely wealthy people that don't have to worry about money can afford it. So for all you normal people, try a similar look from H&M. This sleeveless, trench style dress is only $39.95! Look in your closet for pieces you may already have to complete the look- a sleeveless shirt, straight leg trousers, and a pair of pumps. Finish with sunglasses and lots of attitude!

Who says looking good has to cost a fortune??? Happy Shopping!!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

STYLE SPOTTER - Jewel Toned Peacoats

I love facebook. I really do! Just now, I was sitting here on my computer, looking through pictures of the various people on my friends list (half of whom I don't even know). When all of a sudden... I saw IT!!! It was love at first sight! *sigh*

Right now you may be scratching your head and wondering what in the world I'm talking about, but have no fear! Most people can't ever follow my excited ramblings. Especially when it comes to 3 things that I passionately love: Johnny Depp, music, and clothes! So pay close attention and try to follow my insane string of chatter because I have officially fallen in love!

For those of you who know me, you know I love cold weather and winter coats! Is there anything as snuggly, warm and comforting as a thick, wool coat on a cold winter day??? I think not! Unless you also have a caramel latte in your hand as well. In the past, my wardrobe has always been well-stocked with coats and jackets. Despite my love of bold colors though, my practical side has always reigned supremed and dictated that I buy a winter coat in practical, versatile colors. Black, gray, navy, houndstooth... blah, blah, blah.

But hidden away in facebook picture land was a beautiful, orange peacoat with brown bottons. Chic and elegant, fun and funky. Thus started my newest obsession... jewel toned peacoats!

Who says winter coats have to be dark? Why can't they be bright and bold and add color to an otherwise colorless season? A solid, bold color can easily do as your newest neutral coat!

Here are a few examples of where to find the standard peacoat in this fresh new look. Go bold and stand out from the crowd with these rich colors! If you don't see a color you like below, make sure to click the link and check out the additional colors available.

CHEAP - St. John's Bay Cashmere Blend Peacoat in Fierce Blue, $89.99

CHEAPER - Old Navy Wool blend Peacoat in Golden Gate, $59.50

EVEN CHEAPER - Mossimo Supply Co. Peacoat in Purple, $39.99

CHEAPEST - French Terry Peacoat in Red, $18.00

Monday, September 20, 2010

Tim Gunn's 10 Essential Elements & Where to Find Them

For those of you addicted to fashion reality shows like I am, then perhaps you too are a fan of Tim Gunn's Guide to Style. Whether you are a fan of Time Gunn himself doesn't matter, he undoubtedly has a classic sense of style that can be applied to the closets of every woman in America! If you haven't seen the show, Tim takes fashion-challenged woman and helps get their style back with a wardrobe makeover. Whether remaking old clothes or buying new ones, Tim helps the women find the silhouettes that work for their body type and the clothes that work for their life. The wardrobes vary week to week, but one thing that never changes is Tim's list of 10 essential items that every woman should have in her closet. I'll include the list below AND I'll tell you where to find these pieces at the best price!!! Just click on the links below to view the pieces from the list.

In order for everyone to easily find these pieces, I used only the mainstream shopping chains and department stores. Every item is extremely well priced and well-suited for almost every body-type.

So.... drumroll please!!! Here is the list of Tim Gunn's 10 Essential Elements!

1.Basic Black Dress - To keep this dress versatile and flattering on any shape, find something knee-length (or slightly above the knee for petite woman) with a simple style.

Merona Sleeveless Dress - $20

2.Trench Coat - Any color or length is acceptable. Just shoot for a tailored fit that flatters your body type!

Merona Water Repellent Trench - $49.99

3.Dress Pants - Although it doesn't say black, this is probably what you want to look for. Black is flattering on all figures and extremely versatile. It doesn't have to be solid though- try a small pattern! Other neutral colors work well though- like gray, brown or navy.

Docker Metro Trouser Pant - $34.99

4.Classic Shirt - A classic, white blouse is a must-have for any closet! More important than color though, is the classic, tailored fit.

Worthington French-Cuff Blouse - $17.99

5.Jeans - Make sure to find the shape and fit that is right for your body. Most women look best in a medium-rise, straight leg jean in a darker wash.

Levi's Straight Leg - $44

6.Any Occasion Top - This is the top that looks great at work with a jacket or sweater but easily transitions into evening when worn alone. To stretch your budget and get more use out of the top, find something that will go with pants, skirts, AND jeans.

Apt 9 Ruffled Top - $21.99

7.Skirt - For business, pencil skirts can be great and versatile. However, the most flattering fit for the average woman tends to be a classic A-line shape.

Madison Embellished A-Line Skirt - $20.39

8.Day Dress - The casualization of America has nearly axed dresses from daytime use but maintain your femininity with a casual dress during the day. During cool weather, simply through on a great jacket to transition this dress from summer to fall!

Merona Faux Wrap Dress - $17.48

9.Jacket - Jackets should be fitted and well-tailored to your body. Not too tight, but not too loose. Shop around to find the best jacket for your body. When you find it, you will see that jackets are one of the most flattering pieces a woman can have in her wardrobe!

Sonoma Life + Style Corduroy Jacket - $24.99

10.Sweatsuit Alternative - Ban the sweats! Unless you're working out, exercise clothes are not acceptable attire for going out in public. Try a soft cargo pant with a comfy top.

Route 66 Layered Top - $14.99
Sonoma Life + Style Cargo Pants - $23.99

BONUS: One Indulgent Trendy Item - It can be any item you want and as trendy as you want it! Whether it's a gorgeous top, a fashion-forward skirt or just that military-inspired winter coat you desperately need, indulge in that great piece you want.

H&M Wool Coal - $79.95

So that's the list, ladies! When buying these pieces, you should look for decent quality. After all, these are staple pieces that will be an essential part of your wardrobe. That doesn't mean you have to spend a fortune though! Try some of the pieces I showed above or search for bargains at your local stores.

A great way to find good deals is with online shopping. Generally you find more items online and at cheaper prices than in the actual store. Plus, most places like Target, Walmart, Kohls and JCPenney allow you to return/exchange any items you purchased online to your local store! I recently bought a ton of stuff from Target and I returned everything that didn't fit right to my local Target store- hassle-free!

Happy Shopping!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Extending Your Wardrobe from Summer to Fall

With the current economic situation, everyone could use a little break! Here's a quick tip for extending your wardrobe from summer to fall, thus extending your budget as well!

Everyone has basic summer t-shirts that can be layered under jackets and sweaters, but what about your favorite summer dress? How can you continue to wear it throughout the fall? Simple! By choosing a summer dress with slightly darker colors, you can easily take it from season to season with a few accessory changes.

Take a look at these two outfits based off an adorable summer dress from Lulu*s.

First we start with the basis of the outfit. This airy dress is a dark brown material with beige, purple and dark turquoise accents. To use it in summer, pair it with some flat, thong sandals in brown with beautiful chunky turquoise stones. Add a turquoise and brown necklace and earrings. Try jewelry with shades of turquoise in order to avoide being too "matchy". Cinch in the waist and bring out the colors of the dress by adding a multi-colored woven belt. Add a pair of light tan and beige sunglasses for a hint of glam. Then top off the boho-chic look with a fringed, tan bag with gold hardware.

To transition this dress into the fall season, add a cropped olive military jacket with gold buttons and knee-high boots with a military touch such as these buckles. The beautiful, distressed brown leather keeps the boots from being too goth and instead hints at a well-used riding boot. Avoid too chunky of a bottom and heel or else it will be too out of place with this soft dress. Keep it girly and soften the boots and military jacket, by adding a glam gold belt and feminine accessories like these pink and gold earrings and pink purse.

So before hitting the stores in search of new clothes for fall, just check your closet! You may be surprised to find things that can be easily transitioned from season to season by a few simple changes such as jackets and jewelry!

Friday, August 13, 2010

The Versatility of Denim

There is perhaps no other item in the closet that is as versatile as denim! Whether it be a great pair of jeans, a denim jacket, or a denim pencil skirt, they are equally versatile and easy to dress up or down!

Because you will most likely wear denim more than anything else, I recommend going for a good, quality piece. Although I'm all about a bargain, there are certain pieces that should be bought for quality's sake. Denim is definitely one of those pieces! When buying quality denim though, make sure to get something not too trendy that will quickly go out of style. When buying jeans for example, go for a dark wash, straight leg. The dark wash is easily transitioned from day to evening. Look at these two pairs of jeans- one is darker and more versatile. The other is trendy, but can only be used for a few basic looks.

Below are a few examples on the versatilty of denim. I started with a basic pair of jeans (you could use a skirt instead if you wanted) and designed 3 different outfits- one for class, one for work, and one for evening. Have a look and let me know what you think!

The first outfit is for the trendy college student. Starting with a pair of straight leg jeans from Levi's, add a tuxedo style blouse with black buttons and a black belt. The cap-sleeves keep the shirt from being too masculine. Add bulky red jewelry and shoes (here I used a fabulous pair of red heels, but they can easily be substituted for red flats or another pair of comfy shoes). Throw on a pair of big black glasses to keep your glam look as you walk from class to class. The outfit is completed with a great red purse with black details that is large enough to use as your school bag as well- throw in your laptop, a notebook, this beautiul black agenda and you will be ready for class!

For a cute, collegiate-type work outfit, start with the same basic pair of jeans from Levi's. Add a white camisole and this adorable gray, elbow-length blazer. It manages to be tailored and feminine, but still have the vibe of a boyfriend blazer. Add a splash of color with these great, yellow kitten-heels and yellow earrings. Pair it with a fabulous navy blue bag and blue belt. Tie it all together with this long, silk scarf in gray, white, yellow and blue. For those of us that wear glasses, top it off with a pair of cute, modern gray frames.

To take your jeans into evening (say for a girls night out or a date), pair it with a loose, geometric print top, such as this beautiful blue tunic-style shirt.
Get that hourglass figure with this modern, two buckle black leather belt. To dress up the jeans even further, add bold black accessories- chandelier earrings in solid black, a black clutch, and several heavy, black bangles. To complete this look for a fun evening out, add these fierce, black leather, platform heels with silver detailing.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Bargain Pieces

Hello everyone! (those of you who might actually be reading my little blog that is!) Sorry I haven't posted anything lately but I have been quite busy and things are just now starting to get settled back into a semi-normal routine. Hopefully I will have more time to post now.

Just a quick post for now...

My cousin Katie is down here in Mexico at the moment to visit me. She's 18 and has her own adorable sense of style. Both of us love clothes and both of us love a bargain! Yesterday, she wore this adorable outfit so I thought I would share it with you. The dress was $5 from Belks, the sweater is from the Gap and the adorable boots she has on were a gift from her wonderful (and fashion-inclined) parents! I picked the boots up for them on the Texas border and they are a fabulous quality brand that I happened to find for an amazing price! Here is how it came together...

We went out last night to meet some friends for dinner, and yet again we both wore bargain pieces. She with another cute sun dress for under $10 and layered necklaces and I wore a vintage dress. This dress is a French label from the 1960's that I found in Goodwill for $4! When I got it home and found the label online, the dresses in similar patterns and from that year go from $200-$350! Not bad considering I only put out $4 at Goodwill! :) Should have taken a picture head to toe, but I didn't! Here is a pic with part of the dress showing. It is a knee-length shift dress done in a sheer rayon-ish material. The neck ties at the top but I left it undone and opted for some long brown, leather and gold necklaces, brown belt and gold sandals. Total outfit was under $20! Here is the one picture we did manage to get last night but it's not the best- we had gotten drenched from the insanely heavy rain (thank you hurricane!). This was after dinner when the rains had stopped and we were only half-drenched. :)

I would love to see some of your own bargain pieces that you wear with pride! All posts welcome. :)

Happy Shopping!


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Favorite Item of the Week - Sonoma life + style T-Shirts From Kohls

I love Kohls. Perhaps not as much as my mother, who seems to be obsessed with their sales racks. However, I fully admit that I am equally obsessed with their Sonama life + style t-shirts. It's not just any t-shirt mind you- it is the softest, best-fitting, non-fading t-shirt available to mankind! Well that could be a slight exaggeration considering I haven't actually tried on every t-shirt available to mankind, but I do know it is the best t-shirt I have ever owned. Every season (be it fall or spring) I invest in my new line of Sonoma tees and buy one in every color. A bit over the top I know, but well worth it. They are my staple buy of the season!

They are amazingly affordable (regular price around $12, but always available on sale or with a coupon. they are normally well under $10) Last week I bought all the new summer colors for $6.99 and in the fall I usually buy the long sleeved ones for $8.99.

Why am I in love with these specific t-shirts? Well...
1- they don't cling (I hate clingy clothes!!!)
2- they don't fade.
3- they don't stretch.
4- they are the perfect length! (they work great with skirts, pants, or whatever you like wearing)
5 - they are versatile
6 - they wash well
7 - they're really flattering
8- they're available in v-neck, round neck, etc
9 - they're also available in really adorable colors for summer and have a variety of prints as well (beach scenes, etc)
10- they're really comfy!

So, are you convinced yet? If not, buy just one and you will soon find out... Sonoma life + style t-shirts from Kohls are the best t-shirts you will find this summer.

One of the best things about a nice t-shirt is that you can wear it so many different ways. Here I've put together a 5 examples all using the basic black tee from Sonama.

This outfit shows how a basic black tee can be dressed up with a cute, flouncy skirt and summery accessories!

If you like more of an athletic look, try pairing your tee with some knee length, cuffed shorts and gray hooded vest. The flowy vest and pink accessories keep the outift from being too boyish and add a playful touch.

You can't go wrong with black and white. It's summery, classy and chic! For a splash of color and style, add accesories in a bold, summer color- red, yellow, fuschia, orange, green, etc. I love these red accessories... especially this tangle of gorgeous necklaces inspired by Alice in Wonderland!

You can throw together a quick outfit with a long skirt and a few metallic accessories. It's boho but chic!

The t-shirts are also great for layering as they are the type of cotton that doesn't cling to other fabrics. They lay very smoothly and don't bunch up underneath jackets or other layers. For summer, I love bright pops of color! Actually I love bright colors all year long. :) These lime colored accessories looks so beautiful against this rich blue jacket. The peacock feather earrings serve to tie it all in together.

Copy and paste this link if you want to check out these t-shirts. They are available on sale in stores and online.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Great Spring Color for All Skin Types- Orange!

(click on picture above to enlarge)

I used to hate all things orange (well exept the fruit that is). Under the "about me" section on facebook, somewhere after I proclaim my love for Caramel Lattes from Starbucks and tacky jewelry, I wrote that I hate the color orange. Not sure what it ever did to me except remind me of that horrible orange carpet people decorated their houses with back in the 70's. However, the fact remained that I hated orange- peach was okay. So was coral. But orange? Bleck! However, these vibrant, gorgeous shades of orange hane changed my mind for this spring's wardrobe musts. Besides being bright and summery, it is hands down one of the most universally flattering shades on any skin/hair color! If you don't believe me, try it out! If one shade of orange doesn't look quite right, try a few more until you ifnd the perfect shade for your skin tone. You will be surprised (as I was!) The color works out to be a bit Indian, slightly tropical, somewhat retro, but yet very modern.

And if you don't believe me on the flattering aspect of the color, check out how great orange looks on the varied skin/hair tones of these gorgeous women!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Favorite Item of the Week - $14 Cardigan


Blue scoop cardigan - Walmart $14; Eagle T-Shirt - Walmart, Cuffed Denim Capris- Walmart, Yellow Striped Scarf (Old Navy I think?), Silver Ballet Flats - Walmart, Jewelry and Bag - Random internet sites

First of all... let me say I am addicted to the internet. It is what allowed me to search for all these great and affordable pieces and then put them all together by using "copy" and "paste." :) Don't you just love technology?

Now on to fashion...

My absolute favorite item of the week (and perhaps spring) is the cardigan! Not just any cardigan however, I am officially and completely in love with the White Stag scoop cardigan available at Walmart. The quality is amazing and does not feel like anything you could get for the low price of $14. It is a super soft, silky blend that reminds me of the fabulous August Silk sweater. It does not cling, does not stretch or lose it's shape, does not shrink, and does not fade. I have officially dubbed it the miracle cardigan. :) It is great for all shapes and sizes and hides a multitude of sins for those of us who have... well a bit more shape and size! :P It comes in beautiful, spring colors (fuschia, country blue and the ever-handy white). It is also available in some very adorable patterns. I personally bought the hot pink and white flowered cardigan and wore it last week over a hot pink dress (also available at Walmart). I got a lot of compliments and one guy asked me for my number, so hey... not too bad! ;)

You can dress them up as I did last week- over a summery dress, with a cute flouncy skirt and tank, or even a pencil skirt and waist-cinching belt for the office. Or for casual days, do something like what I put together in the above posted photo. Cardigans are perfect for spring- you can use them throughout the day when it is still a bit cool or if the day warms up, take it off and show everyone the cute t-shirt or top below.

Cardigan tip... roll the sleeves up a bit until they are almost 3/4. That will help keep the granny-look at bay.

Go get you one of these cardigans at Walmart!!! I love cardigans and have several and I PROMISE, this is the best one I've ever bought. I'm just trying to decide which color (all of them!) I want now. You can't beat the terrific cut and feel of these sweaters and especially for the low price of $14! Do not allow yoruself to be tricked into buying a cardigan a bit more expensive just for the name and "supposed" better quality. You will not be disappoitned with this gorgeous cardigan from Walmart.

Have a safe and happy Easter!


Thursday, March 11, 2010

Frugal Fashion Tip

So... now that you know my entire life story and reason I started this blog, I decided it's time to get down to business! :)

Here's a quick fashion tip to help you look great and save money too.

If you don't have the money to invest in a bunch of new, cute shoes for spring, just try adding life to your every-day shoes with accessories. You can use bows, ribbons, clips, etc. I'm not talking about going to the store and buying shoes clips and accessories, but simply using things you already have in order to revamp your current shoes.

Take these plain black flats for example... they cost me $8 on sale at K-Mart and are some of the most comfortable flats I have in my closet!

These are 2 children's hair barrettes that I bought to clip onto scarfs and coat lapels as "pins". They cost $2!

The other day though, I needed an aqua shoe to tie in a scarf I was wearing. I thought "Hey, why don't I clip those barrettes on my black flats as a fun touch of color?" I just slipped the clip part of the barrette into the velcro tab on top of the shoes and... Voila!

Adorable shoes to go with my outfit without having to invest in ready-made black and aqua shoes that I could probably only wear with a few outfits. The best part is that since the barrettes clip on, I can take them off to go back to the plain black flats or try other clips for different styles and colors. All for the grand total of $10 and about 30 seconds of my time to clip them onto the shoes! Well worth it! :)

Since this shoe revelation, I've thought of several other ideas for sprucing up plain shoes! Ribbons, bows, buttons, clips, flowers, etc.

I've already dressed up a pair of basic, black, high-heeled sandals with delicate pink ribbon tied into a bow on the ankle strap. The result was a soft, feminine touch to an otherwise plain shoe.

If you can't find a cheap clip or accessory to go with the colors or style that you want, you can always make your own! Craft and hobby stores sell the plain, silver clips at a low price. Buy several and make your own designs. You could use ribbons to make a multi-color flower for each shoe. You could glue buttons onto the clip in whatever design you'd like... squares, circles, hearts, etc. You could even glue coins or other unexpected items onto a clip for a whimsical touch to any outfit. Have earrings you don't wear anymore? Take them and glue onto the silver clip for a one-of-a-kind shoe!

Try accessorizing your shoes! It is an easy, cheap way to revamp your shoe wardrobe and "design" the perfect shoe to go with your outfit.

Au revoir my fellow fashionistas! :)

Viva La Fashion!

Monday, March 8, 2010

How It All Began...

My love affair with fashion began when I was 11 years old. We were on the way to my brother's basketball game and stopped by a store. While I was waiting on my mom, I noticed a magazine with a beautiful girl dressed in a gorgeous, formal dress. It was a prom magazine- the first one I had ever seen. My mom saw me eyeing it and kindly bought it to entertain me during the games later that night.

My brother's team was the last to play, but my mom was the official scorekeeper for both JV teams and Varsity teams. So while I sat waiting for my brother's game to start, I started flipping through the magazine! It was love at first sight!!! Page after page of frilly dresses- pastel creations that seemed to flout like soft clouds around the ankles of the models, dramatic satin numbers that were entirely too mature for high school proms, and sleek, long gowns covered with sequins! Thousands and thousands of sequins!!! (After all, it was still the 90's! lol)

As I turned every page and drank in all the "beautiful" gowns, I begin to dream of my own prom and wondered what my dress would look like on that one magical night. I was only 11, but I had everything planned. I wanted a classic black satin gown, my hair piled on my head with loose curls, huge high heels and of course Leonardo DiCaprio for my date. *sigh*

Whenever I could, I bought more prom magazines. I collected them and kept them in a box beside my bed. I would look at the same ones over and over again! I had every page memorized, with all my favorites circled and marked. Soon I started drawing my own dresses, looking to the magazines for inspiration. I had so much fun sketching my ideas and dreaming about creating such glamorous dresses. It gave me hours of entertainment! :)

Soon my magazine obsession led me to "Seventeen". I was in heaven! I had never read fashion magazines before and was amazed at the pages of trendy and somewhat insane outfits! The fascination led me to one astounding revelation... I was ready to start growing up.

Perhaps that doesn't sound so amazing to you, but believe me... I was not a normal kid. I grew up wanting to be just like my brother! He was my hero and idol. Where I was extremely shy and backwards, he was outgoing and popular. Where I hung back in crowds, he was confident and always the center of attention. Where I was quiet (and shall we just say it... a bit boring!), he was funny and always making people laugh. We grew up on 10 acres in Georgia and had no neighbors until I was in my late teens. Therefore my brother wasn't just my hero, he was my playmate and best friend. My childhood consisted of blowing up GI Joes and pretending to sword fight with sticks. All of these things combined made for one thing- I did not want to grow up, change, leave my fun childhood behind, be girly, wear makeup or do anything of which I thought my brother (or parents!)would possibly disapprove. I was comfortable. I was happy. I knew childhood wouldn't last forever and I didn't want to do anything that might speed the process along.

Example... imagine a 12 year old girl sitting on the side of the tub with her mom, shaving her legs for the first time, and... crying. Yes. I said crying. When my mom finally made me start shaving, I felt so silly, so out of my comfort zone, so (I still dread the words!) GROWN-UP. Even at that young age, I sensed things were changing and I did not approve! Therefore I bawled like a baby when she broke out the razor.

However, my magazines opened up a world of fun, fashion and teen years. A place where it was ok to play baseball AND wear makeup. A place where I could dress in camo and pretend to be a soldier but still tie my hair in a ribbon. My magazines gave me a push into the "adult" world and gave me the courage to be the person I wanted to be... a tough girl with a feminine side!

It was a slow process! I finally worked up the nerve to ask my mom for face powder when I was 13. I was around 17 when I finally started wearing mascara. It wasn't until my 20's that I got my first highlites.

Now, no one could accuse me of being tomboyish and not girly. I love all things glam and gaudy! Nothing beats feeling pretty and feminine! But this comfortable feeling of being "me" took time.

I've decided I don't like labels. I'm not a tomboy. I'm not high maintenance. I'm not preppy or bohemian. I'm not glam or grunge. I'm not modern. I'm not vintage. I'm just me... Amy. I'm a unique and complicated individual with a unique style to match. Learning how to be comfortable with myself makes me feel proud... and on a side note, it makes my brother proud too.

Those prom magazines turned my life around as it happens. (Many thanks to my mom for buying it for me so long ago!) I now admit freely that I love fashion and clothes! I'm obsessed with jewelry and accessories. I take joy in being feminine. I have more fashion magazines that everyone in my neighborhood combined! In my free time, I still enjoy sketching out my designs and dreaming about the day I can wear them. I still like sports, I still dress up in camo to play paintball, and I still love hanging out with my brother. But I don't feel the need to fit into a mold to meet other people's expectations. I am a melting pot of ideas and beliefs and thoughts- and my wardrobe reflects that!!!

And to think... it started with just one magazine! :)

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Welcome to Viva La Fashion!

So... this is my first blog ever. Most likely no one will ever even read it! ;) However, I have decided to use it as an outlet and more importantly to talk about my one "true" love... fashion. ;)

Before all you spend-thrifts panic, don't worry! Although I appreciate a good brand and quality clothes, this blog is going to be about affordable fashion for the every day girl.

So who am I to give fashion advice? Well... I'm an every day girl like yourself. I'm someone who has been interested in fashion ever since... well ever since I opened a fashion magazine. (more on that in the next blog!) I have million dollar tastes but have to be satisfied with my slightly *ahem* humble budget.

I'd love to buy a Coach bag or Louboutin shoes or Gucci sunglasses, but alas I find myself shopping the clearance racks at Ross and Macy's. Somehow I can't seem to justify a $1500 purse when I know how I could use that money for others things (like my yearly budget for Starbucks! lol)

So... this blog is for you! From one normal, clearance loving girl to the rest of you gals that sigh over the adorable Kate Spade flats but who wear specials from Payless! :) Who says we can't ALL look terrific no matter what the budget?

Have fun reading and learning about my love of fashion and love of bargains! In the future, I'll give you fabulous tips on how to look great for less!

I'll also try to round up the best tips for makeup, hair and accesories so we can look and FEEL great without spending our entire checking account.

Although my emphasis will be on budget most of the time, we will also look at the fabulous designers of today and draw inspiration from their amazing pieces!

I hope you will enjoy learning about fashion as much I enjoy talking about it... and dreaming about it... and thinking about it... and... well I think you get the picture! ;)

Au revoir my fellow fashionistas!

Viva La Fashion!