Thursday, November 11, 2010

Just Fade Away!

Hello blogland! I have been having major computer problems lately!!! Thankfully though, everything is finally working again and I'm able to blog once more! (big sigh of relief from all 4 of my followers! lol)

On to fashion... one of my favorite looks for this fall and winter are outfits made up of shades of one color. Looking at a magazines last week, I saw a great outfit with different shades of gray from head to toe! Even though the whole outfit was gray, the variety of tones of the color made the outfits look so luxurious and rich!

Try this look out yourself! It is super easy to throw it together with basic pieces you have in your closet. When done in neutral colors like gray, black, and brown- this look is modern and sleek.

The only thing to watch out for? When doing an outfit with shades of black, make sure to use different materials (leather, cotton, silk, etc). If you use similar materials (like only cotton) in shades of black, the outfit can just come off looking faded and old. Whatever color you use though, differing materials are sure to create a nice visual interest and add to the luxe look!

If the solid color outfits are not for you, try "fading" into colors. For example, use blacks with grays, browns with olive greens, camel colors with beige, etc.

Here are a few outfits to show you the potentials of mixing shades this fall and winter! Enjoy!!!