Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wish List - Derek Lam Bag

For those of you who have $1,800 dollars to spend on hand bags, here is a beautiful bag worthy of your money! As for the rest of us, we'll just have to drool over this Greige Suede Tatum Bag from Derek Lam. Not quite gray, not quite beige, it's a winter must wish for all our wardrobes.

How to Buy on a Budget!

There are always plenty of ways to make your wardrobe up to date without breaking the bank! Though designer clothes are really nice, you don't have to be a millionaire in order to have a runway look.

Don't believe me? Check out the following two outfits and then read the shopping tips below!

                             Chloe Fall-Winter Fashion Show

Depending on the store, the average cost of this outfit is $4,595!!! Do the python details on the pockets of the gauchos make it worth the money? Does the hand-painted calfskin bag really make it a good investment? I hardly think so... not for us normal people that is! Even if I were fabulously wealthy, I could hardly bring myself to spend almost $5,000 on one outfit.

If you like this outfit, there are plenty of ways to get the basic look for a fraction of the cost. Check out my more affordably priced outfit below.

                                           Bargain Outfit

The grand total of my outfit is $146.24!!! By making smart shopping choices, you can have the look as seen on the Chloe runway and have versatile pieces you can use with other outfits as well. Here's the breakdown of the prices...

H&M Yellow Sweater $29.95
Travelsmith Denim Gauchos $34.00
Relic Diana Shopper from Kohls $40.80
Worthington Why Knot Wedge Sandals from JC Penney $24.99
Old Navy Womens Classic Belt $16.50


1) Shop Online! When you shop online, you have more styles, colors, and sizes available than in stores. Even if you go to 10 different stores in person, you may not find exactly what you're looking for and may end up settling for something that isn't perfect. (Apart from the fact that no one can afford to waste money on gasoline!) Many online stores now offer free shipping and hassle free returns/exchanges if the product doesn't meet your expectations. In addition, most chain stores (Old Navy, Target, Walmart, etc) will even let you return items at any of their store locations. Check out the return policy before finalizing your order online and then make sure to keep all receipts or tags.

2) Shop around! Whether shopping online or in stores, don't settle for the first piece you see. When I was searching for denim gauchos, I found a pair very similar to the Chloe gauchos for around $50. But as I kept looking, I found a pair as cheap as $7! The gauchos I chose from Travelsmith were some of my favorites based on color and the long pockets style stitching. Instead of just searching through all your favorite online stores, try using google to find specific pieces like "highwaisted denim gauchos". For some of the gaucho options I found through google, check out these links: and

3) Choose versatile pieces! Denim gauchos can be worn with lots of things and a variety of colors, but denim gauchos with python trim like the ones from Chloe are rather limited. When choosing pieces, go for things without extravagant trims or stitching. It will help keep the clothing more versatile and won't limit you to wearing it with just 1 or 2 outfits. That being said, not ALL your clothing pieces have to be versatile. The general rule of thumb should be: the more expensive the article of clothing, the more versatile it should be. If you find a great top on sale for $15, it doesn't matter if it's versatile! If you are investing in a expensive winter coat however, choose something than can be worn with various outfits through the season.

4) Be your own modiste! If you just have to have that python trim on your gauchos, don't be discouraged if you don't have the money for the ones by Chloe. After buying a pair of affordable denim gauchos, get creative by adding your own touch! There is no rule that states ready to wear clothing from stores can't be modified. Buy trims or material from your local craft store and sew them onto the article of clothing you want to revamp. If you don't sew, use stitch witchery or fabric glue. When modifying your piece of clothing, try looking for cheap, easy pieces (especially when you first try your hand at revamping something). For example, look for denim gauchos at the thrift store. If you happen to mess up, you won't lament a $5 pair of gauchos as much as a $40 pair of gauchos!

5) Be willing to compromise! If you try to copy a look exactly as seen on the runway, chances are you will never succeed. When looking for an outfit, remember you are looking for runway inspired pieces and not actual copies. If you find something similar and like how it fits and looks, go for it... even if it isn't exactly how it looked on the runway or in a magazine. If you insist on trying to find an exact copy, you will spend the entire season searching and never find the right thing. Don't be afraid to use your own judgement and modify the outfit for your body type or personal style. Choose a different style shoe, make a different color choice, use a sweater instead of a blouse. Make every outfit your own... special and unique!

Wish List- Marc by Marc Jacobs Sunglasses

I am totally in love with these glasses!!! The next time I have a hundred bucks to blow on sunglasses, I'm totally getting these! Of course, I'll never have a hundred bucks just to blow on sunglasses but oh well. To be honest, $98 isn't at all bad when compared to other designer glasses but they are (as the old song says) "not for me".

I suppose they will just remain here on my wishlist, looking pretty and waiting for someone else to buy them. If that someone is you, follow this link!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Trend Spotter - Stars and Spots

This week's trend? Stars and spots! To be more exact... small, delicate designs in two-toned prints.

Think tiny white stars on black dresses, navy polka dots on white skirts, etc. The shapes should be small to medium size- nothing too over powering. Giant stars or polka dots read too childish, but a dainty print in classic colors reads feminine and chic.

Try navy and white for a classic look, black on black for a more modern style or have an edge with unusal colors like yellow and black as seen in the Brite Star Collection from Dolce and Gabbana- a collection which has already proved hugely popular with stars like Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, Anne Hathaway, and Fergie.

Check out these designer looks below for inspiration and then check out the bargain pieces available to those of us on a budget!

*If you can't afford to buy entire outfits with the latest trends like polka dots and stars, look for scarfs, bags and other accessories to add a fresh touch to your outfits! Over the next couple of posts, we'll be talking about ways you can easily integrate the latest trends into your own closet for a fraction of the cost!

Designer Looks - Inspiration Pieces

          The 3/4 Length Dress from the Dolce and Gabbana Brite Star Collection - $1,225

           Sheer Lace and Crepe Butterfly Dress from Dolce and Gabbana - $1,075

                           Techno Twill with Glitter Dot by Marc Jacobs - $1,400

                  Double Face Stretch Crepe Skirt with Glitter Dots by Marc Jacobs - $1,400

               Double Face Stretch Crepe Dress with Glitter Dots by Marc Jacobs - $2,900

                                         Ruffled Lynette Blouse by Kate Spade - $295

                                   Polka Dot Lucia Dress by Stella McCartney - $2,155
                      Polka Dot Lucia Dress

           Cover of Vogue Espana featuring various pieces from the new Dolce and Gabbana collection

 Bargain Looks - Realistic Pieces

Melonia Polka Dot Pleated Sateen Dress from Kohls - $85.00

Ann Taylor Cascade Dots Print Dress - $59.88


Worthington Belted Sateen Skirt from JC Penney - $17.60

Alyx Ruffle Polka Dot 2-fer Dress from J.C. Penney - $39.99

Womens Going Out Blouse from Old Navy - $29.95


Ruffled Tie-Belt Dotted Shirt Dress from Old Navy - $34.95

Gathered Dot Top from Gap - $34.99

Knitted Spot Jaquard Jumper

Knitted Spot Jaquard Jumper from Topshop - $80.00

Merona® Petites Easy Care Easy Wear Ruffle Front Dress - Black/Grey Dot

Merona Ruffle Front Black and Gray Dot Dress From Target - $29.99

 MNG by Mango Polka Dot Blouse with Drawstring Neck - $31.92

Oblong Dot Scarf - Black/White

Black and White Oblong Dot Scarf from Target - $12.99

Mod Dot Rain Boot from Walmart - $25.00

Double Ring Canvas Hobo with Star Print

Double Ring Canvas Hobo Bag with Star Print from Walmart (Prices Vary)

Candie's Silver Tone Simulated Crystal Star Drop Earrings from Kohls - $9.80