Wednesday, September 14, 2011

For the Love of Missoni

So fashion lovers have been eagerly awaiting the new Missoni line for Target but who could have imagined the frenzy that would ensue yesterday?

Only 3 hours after the line was released yesterday, every Missoni item on was gone. Every one.


Was it all for the love of Missoni? Hardly! Turns out many greedy shoppers grabbed up the items and have now put them on for ridiculously steep prices. Over 23,000 Missoni for Target items are now on ebay! Whereas only a few items will continue to be shipped sporadically to Target stores.

Did Target know this was going to happen? In the past, these designer lines for Target have made their debut and enjoyed a great profit- but never has such frenzied, greedy shopping happened as it did yesterday.

How did these eager-to-make-money shoppers know that within one day they would be able to resale the items online for double the price? Was it well-known that not enough items would be sold? If not, how did this mad rush to Target come about? Will Target answer the call for Missoni by shipping new items?

If you were one of the eager shoppers who happened to luck out and purchase what you wanted, congrats! The rest of us frugal fashionistas are stuck with nothing since we refuse to pay the outrageous prices demanded on ebay by these scheming Missoni hogs. If it wasn't something I wanted, I might admire their forethought and business sense! But in this case, I don't!!!

For more on the Missoni madness, check out this video.


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